Roadmap web developer

Kike Algarra
2 min readJan 11, 2021

I have been immersed in programming for a long time and doubts always arise about which language to choose for a certain project, how to know which is the best language and how to start correctly because in this sector everything goes too fast and it is necessary to update, so I found a series of schemes that I use to analyze them carefully and know which path to choose to continue progressing and not spend too much effort and time.

Many of us who are professionally in this sector see how every time technology advances we are forced to follow the fashion of the trend without noticing that perhaps we are making a complete mistake by investing a large amount of time that can later end up in the bin. So personally I always try to analyze my situation and opt for the most advantageous without falling into false expectations and if I am with a useful tool, do not leave it for a passing fad. I discover that it is better to be specialized in something than not to go from branch to branch without having control or specialization in everything that I want in that fashion.

Here I attach a Front-end roadmap that I use to guide myself when I have my doubts. It is taken from so if anyone wants to go deeper, they can access the site and use all the information it contains. I will already include the Back-end.