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  • Chaz Hutton

    Chaz Hutton

    I write stuff, draw stuff, design stuff, build stuff. https://instagram.com/instachaaz/

  • JJ Merelo

    JJ Merelo

    I’m just realizing I might smile too much, and that shows in the pictures. Day job: U. of Granada prof. On the side: blogger @jjmerelo and writer @lujoyglamour

  • Terri Miranda

    Terri Miranda

    Hatred of my resume turned into an unexpected love of writing.

  • gema.parreno.piqueras


    Artificial Intelligence. Data visualization

  • Claire D. Costa

    Claire D. Costa

    Content Crafter at Digitalogy which helps businesses to connect with top 5% pre-screened software talent within 48 hours. Visit us — https://www.digitalogy.co

  • Lux Alptraum

    Lux Alptraum

    OneZero columnist, Peabody-nominated producer, and the author of Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex — And the Truths They Reveal. http://luxalptraum.com

  • daniel molina

    daniel molina

    ¿Que yo me contradigo? Pues sí, me contradigo. Y, ¿qué? (Yo soy inmenso, contengo multitudes.)



    Radio del futuro.

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