«In pain there is as much wisdom as in pleasure: both are the two great conservative forces of the species.»

“En el dolor hay tanta sabiduría como en el placer: ambas son las dos grandes fuerzas conservadoras de la especie”.

F. W. Nietzsche y yo.

The force of the arguments

«The brain prevents us from seeing the force of the arguments that contradict us».

“El cerebro nos impide ver la fuerza de los argumentos que nos contradicen”.

J. Salas y yo.

Know Pain

Whoever wanted man not to know pain would at the same time avoid the knowledge of pleasure and reduce man himself to nothing.

Quien quisiera que el hombre no conociera el dolor, evitaría al mismo tiempo el conocimiento del placer y reduciría al mismo hombre a la nada.

Michel de Montaigne y yo.

What we are

We are what we tell ourselves.

Somos lo que nos contamos.

Òscar Vilarroya y yo.

The importance of the present

If my awareness of the future and the past makes me less aware of the present, I must begin to wonder if I am really living in the real world.

La importancia del presente

Si mi conciencia del futuro y del pasado me hace menos consciente del presente, debo empezar a preguntarme si estoy viviendo de veras en el mundo real.


Pain, when it does not become an executioner, is a great teacher.

El dolor, cuando no se convierte en verdugo, es un gran maestro.

Concepción Arenal y yo.


Sleep is the best meditation.

Dalai Lama and me.

Dormir es la mejor meditación.

Dalai Lama y yo.

Any day is a good excuse to stick some good beers at the expense of any celebration or whatever.

Cualquier día es un buen pretexto para pegarse unas buenas birras a costa de cualquier celebración o lo que sea. 🍻🍻🍻👏👏👏👏💋💋💋

GPT-3 is a new artificial intelligence model that allows the generation of written language. Thanks to this algorithm, the user only has to start writing a paragraph and the system itself takes care of completing the rest in the most consistent way possible. Its great potential is a sample of the possibilities that exist to reach a general artificial intelligence, capable of learning intellectual tasks like people.

GPT-3 es un nuevo modelo de inteligencia artificial que permite generar lenguaje escrito. Gracias a este algoritmo, el usuario solo tiene que comenzar a escribir un párrafo y el propio sistema se encarga de completar el resto de la forma más coherente posible. Su gran potencial es una muestra de las posibilidades que existen para llegar a una inteligencia artificial general, capaz de aprender tareas intelectuales como las personas.

I have been immersed in programming for a long time and doubts always arise about what language to choose for a certain project, how to know which is the best language and how to get started correctly because in this sector everything goes too fast and it is necessary to update, so I found a series of schemes that I use to analyze them carefully and know which way to choose to continue progressing and not spending too much effort and time.

Many of us who are professionally in this sector see how every time technology advances we are forced…

Kike Algarra

Designer • Koder • Kreative

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